It's important for us to tell you of certain changes to your Sinbad account. Want to know more about a specific update? You can always send us a message to

Why is my Sinbad account being updated?

The team behind Sinbad is constantly making changes to your experience on Sinbad. Some of these changes can be invisible, others will let you do something new with your account, and others will affect the underlying infrastructure that helps you own your money–these changes are called smart contract upgrades.

Smart contract upgrades can be done for many reasons, including:

  • To fix bugs.
  • To improve functionality.
  • To improve security.
  • To improve performance.

What is a smart contract?

Sinbad provides each user with their own unique smart contract wallet (SCW)–living on the Blockchain. Like all data stored on the Blockchain, smart contracts are immutable and cannot be changed. In order to maintain your SCW and deliver continuous improvements to Sinbad, our development team relies on smart contract upgrades.

What are smart contract upgrades?

To make it possible for our team to introduce changes to your Sinbad account while always making sure that you are the true owner of your keys and your funds, we rely on smart contract upgrades.

Because SCW deployed on the Blockchain cannot be modified, smart contract upgrades can be seen as a swapping your current smart contract with a new smart contract holding the latest changes to your Sinbad account.

How do smart contract upgrades work?

In order to perform the upgrade, you, as the owner of the Sinbad account, need to authorize the new changes. This authorization can only be performed by you, as the swap requires access to the keys generated on your device when logged into your Sinbad account.

To update your account, it's as easy as tapping on Continue when you see the Account Update screen. By updating your account, you authorize changes to be made to your account and you will be able to resume your activities on Sinbad in no time 🚀.

Changes to your Sinbad account